Do you know the situation where you need to get an answer to a programming problem within seconds? You don't want to wait for servers responding to your request? Are you tired of browsing tons of obscure news group messages? The SDL KnowledgeBase provides a solution. This database is specifically tailored to support Borlands Delphi™, Kylix™ and C++Builder™. Try it - it's free!

SDL KnowledgeBase for Delphi™, Kylix™ and C++Builder™
Release 0.70, [Dec-1, 2002], about 13.6 MB

The SDL KnowledgeBase is available from the following mirror servers:
Mirror 1 (Cologne, Germany)
Mirror 2 (San Diego, USA)

The SDL KnowledgeBase on Delphi™, Kylix™ and C++Builder™ currently contains about 4800 articles from the following sources:

As you can see from the low version number it is still under development. However, you need to download and install the database only once as the SDL KnowledgeBase offers an update option which can be started directly within the program - thus your database will always be up to date.


Please note: due to a bug in older releases the update of the database fails if you are using version 0.64, or lower. In this case you have to download and install the latest release from one of the URLs above.